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A truly collaborative digital product consultancy

The foundations of our practice

The Prodsquads Way

Great consultancy is highly collaborative, centred on brilliant people doing meaningful work, focused on quality outcomes and delivering continuous value from day one.

This conviction drove us to build an entirely different type of consultancy with self-contained business units that we call cells.

Uniquely Structured 

Our cell structure means you get a self-contained cross-functional team responsible for every aspect of your success. Employed full time, these teams know how to work together, get the best from each other (and you) and are set up to deliver value immediately.

Proven Methodology

Decades of consultancy experience and masters of agile practices, our cross-functional teams are primed to move fast, tailor the engagement to your organisation, your unique requirements, and design, build and deliver the right solution for you.

Specialist Experience

Our teams have worked with clients to deliver a broad swathe of products and platforms. We will deploy the right blend of industry, technical and product experience to match your specific environment to ensure that we get it right first time.

Let us show you how

Build a digital product in 100 days

If you are ready to go and need a digital product in your hands now, take advantage of our deep product design and technical expertise to deliver a real working product in 100 days.

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